Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that having or thinking you have bed bugs can be stressful and doing a bunch of research online can be overwhelming. That's why we've listed some questions frequently asked by our customers.

If you don't see your question listed below, feel free to call our support hotline at (212)256-1744 or send an e-mail to 24/7 for more information.


How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?

The most revealing signs of a bed bug problem are the red itchy bumps that appear after being bitten. Other signs include drops of blood on your sheets, or dark spots of bed bug droppings on your bedding, mattress, clothes or walls. However, bed bugs can be inconspicuous, hiding in alarm clocks or electrical outlets. That is why canine inspections are reliable and recommended. Our dogs nose can lead us to what we are unable to see.

How accurate is a K9 Bed Bug Inspection?

Our bed bug detection dogs are 95% accurate and can detect as little as one single bed bug or egg within up to 8 ft of distance. Additionally, our technicians always conduct a thorough visual inspection with a flashlight to ensure we maintain the highest quality results in bed bug detection. Prior to your inspection, we will ask you to prepare your home or business for our visit. Inspection preparation includes tidying rooms and temporarily removing your pets so our dogs can conduct detailed, accurate searches. During the inspection, the dogs will put their noses to work around furniture, baseboards, curtains, electrical outlets, and more. If the dogs detect live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs, you will have the option to work with the pest control company of your choice for bed bug treatment. After treatment, it's recommended to conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure that the bed bugs and their eggs have been completely eliminated.

Where do we inspect?

We inspect residential and commercial buildings. We inspect homes, apartment buildings, condos, co-ops, hospitals, schools, boats, etc... We will pretty much search just about any place that bed bugs might turn up.

How are the dogs trained?

Our dogs and handlers are trained together through NESDCA, a certifying organization that ensures the highest standards of canine scent detection. As part of our vigorous training routine, we train our dogs with live bed bugs daily. Yes, that means we keep live bed bugs in our office for training purposes. Don’t worry, they can’t escape!


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